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South Florida is now a global business center. Hundreds of investors and corporate executives are moving their offices here (or thinking about it) to leverage the many advantages we offer. My job is to connect them with the key players and partners to navigate the local dynamics and maximize their time, effort, and impact. I match them up with their ideal business partners.


My experience in being a successful part of the leading sales teams for private companies in aerospace, logistic transportation, legal and medical fields has enabled me to become an insider in the local business community. I can identify potential synergy and “grease” the wheels of communication between businesses and their decision-makers to develop new business partnerships, sales leads, and revenue.

We know that as part of a company’s sales goals; building relationships has proven to be indispensable, yet it stands separate from the sales team. Networking is key to sales and business development.


Given the different levels of businesses the South Florida region has; especially with the growing international investments that have recently increased, the Firm would be able to provide different service Levels to accommodate and cater to each of our exclusive clients.
Day to day services that will be provided would include the below and others based on the needs to each individual company, and choice of Service Level:

  • Research market needs, industry trends, and partnership/sales opportunities
  • Engage and manage relationship with prospective clients via in-person, digital, or social communication
  • Collaborate with teams and colleagues to help align product and service offerings with client needs
  • Manage administrative tasks such as CRM systems
  • Host presentations and demonstrations for potential clients
  • Manage potential clients to build a partnership
  • Organize events that encourage networking, connection, and synergy
  • Manage existing relationships to deliver on executive expectations.
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to develop a marketing plan
  • Costs based on company size, service level.

    Expectations would be set during first initial consultation, when your company's business model and ideal client targets would be discussed.


    Nguyen is an experienced business developer, networking agent, and community servant focused on connecting leaders and influencers who are passionate about growing the local economy. Currently, she serves as Chairman’s Ambassador and Chair of the Membership Committee and sits on the Board of Directors at the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, where she guides incoming members to activate and leverage their membership. The Chamber graciously recognized her work and dedication with the James T. Baker Award for Volunteer of the Year in 2021. Very recently she became the recipient of the Equitable Business Woman of the Year Awards for 2022, in the Outstanding Corporate Leader category.

    An authentic and skilled relationship expert, Nguyen focuses on developing business relationships and strategic partnerships in the following industries: aerospace, transportation logistics, and distribution, medical and legal. Her core values include ownership, trustworthiness, commitment, empowerment, and accountability.

    Nguyen’s inspirations are her children and community. She is the proud mother of three brilliant young men and an amazing daughter. Serving and building community is essential to her growth as a professional and values the opportunity to serve in any way she is able. One of her favorite volunteer service projects was at the Baptist Hospital Children’s Department – which is dear to her heart and is now very passionate about serving actively with other leading organizations.